Fertilizer. It buys a fertilizer of slow liberation (it has form of small spheres you can find and it in the gardening stores). It applies to a spoonful of this fertilizer every six or seven months. It once or twice places per week some foliar installment as the 20-20-20 or some similar, that is balanced (the same amount in the three numbers). 5. Transplntalas every two or three years. Sen. Marco Rubio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. orchids walk by the flowerpot or tiesto.

Once in a while, they leave that tiesto and you must change them so that their roots do not begin to suffer and so that your orchid does not lose stability. 6. Protgelas of the breeze. Some orchids detest the strong breeze to his around. In this case, this breeze dries and the withered one quickly. It avoids the strong wind currents. To the bands on the contrary, the breeze enchants to him, doing to be developed them and to bloom very well. 7.

Asegrate if Your Orchid is terrestrial or no. The majority of the orchids is not seeded in earth, are very few the terrestrial Orchids. The majority of that normally you find in the gardening stores or that give to you, is EPIFITAS, does not require earth. To put them in earth is to make them die definitively. There are other cares that you will have to take into account but you can be learning them little by little. Those that I have listed to you here are most basic than you need to know. I hope that this contribution in today has served to you Us we will continue seeing until then: A greeting, By: Patricia de Ortega It discovers the secrets of the culture and the decoration of spaces with Orchids.