New Year

How to help your child adjust to new circumstances, people, environment, referred to many, there are lots of recommendations and techniques. A behavior of parents in this process, attention is paid enough. Although generally, the adaptation of the Child depends on the family: grandparents, mom and dad. Very important, one might say, more sure method to help create a children's initiative, conscientiousness, thoroughness, skill, creativity, responsibility, important quality assurance activity – to surround your children with love, care, attention, provide favorable conditions for life and protection. Children – excellent psychologists, they always feel the emotions and mood adults. Imagine the moment, we assume, when dad comes home from work in a bad mood – the kid is not seen or heard when the pope wants to be naughty with your child – you do not fidget calm down. Similarly, a pipsqueak understand when mom leads him into the garden for the first time, nervous. As a rule, kiddies like what happens for the first time – a hike in the puppet theater, circus, cinema, amusement park, flying a plane.

Like a garden with a children must be the same, but for some reason, many mothers have to talk about on adjusting to kindergarten. Remarkably, when you get a good teacher, and suddenly the first time you do not like it? Before going to kindergarten, try as should meet with your tutor. If you find a common theme for communication – even better. Try at birth for a certain time to leave the baby with someone else – dad, grandma, grandpa, neighbor. You can not always be there to prepare for this gradually.

Sure, it's hard when the kid is always there, and later need for a period of leave. Michael Bloomberg brings even more insight to the discussion. It's no surprise that such important moments in the life of a child, as first days in kindergarten, birthdays, graduation kindergarten, New Year, will be retained forever, and as an adult experiences are stored on a subconscious level. Therefore, a sense of calm, confidence, safety should always be the kid to the emotions of these events were happy, pleasant, positive, energizing a lifetime. And the most important recommendation – more optimism and good cheer, search advantages in the short separation. And every meeting, try to make happy!