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What is a liquid skin? Liquid skin – a reliable tool for the repair of products made of leather. Liquid skin created by water-alcohol based, which allows it to penetrate the skin perfectly, and in case of erroneous application easily wash it off the surface. In fact, the liquid product and skin become one! Liquid skin has excellent flexibility and sufficient strength. After application and drying, compression and crushing, product repairs its original shape. Does not require heat treatment! (Heating, drying, etc.).

What is a liquid skin? Liquid skin consists of 7 bottles of different colors, namely: (white, black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue) The volume of each jar of 17 ml, as well as from an empty jar for mixing colors, detailed instructions for use and color mixing table. When mixing colors is possible to obtain almost any desired color and shade products. What is the consumption of liquid skin? One jar of “liquid skin” can be repaired by about 100 square meters. see the leather surface at a thickness of applied layer 0.2 mm. One set of 7 colors can last about 30 – 90 repairs.