Mexico Final

The reforms, the tax package as well as its critics and counter-proposals, only talk about the crisis and reduce poverty (the country and the great majority), but avoid mentioning that the only way to achieve wealth and status is working well. A sad story, before addressing the issue. A crab seller's offer in two different baskets: the first and second hermetically sealed completely open the question about the difference the seller replied, in the first I have crabs Canadians support each other to exit the basket, but the second are Mexican crabs that when one of them manages to climb the walls of the basket, pulling the others so it is unnecessary to cover them. In societies that respect the success (especially those of Anglo-Saxon / Protestant who associated with "honest work), the dominant culture also tends to respect, at least apparently, the law and therefore the prevalence of successful citizen, is socially accepted as positive and beneficial for the whole community, in other words an icon to be emulated. In our society, success is associated with illegitimacy (sin), it is especially clear with regard to economic success, as the frustration of not achieving results in suspicion of the media used by others, to be achieved and a feeling that the law is not respected nor respectable, allowing others to have what one does not have. It is our intention to deepen the origins sobe historical / cultural ambivalence toward our success, but it seems appropriate to mention that the tradition Hispanic / Catholic, leads to think that wealth and power are "awarded" (by God, the king, President etc.) and consequently the work is not necessarily associated with success.