Looks Game

In the first session of intervention the mother of. if complained that the child more was not interested in the school and same not the wise person what to make. As it had not started in itself the sessions I heard only it. When the child entered in the room counted that from this session we would start a work with Stories of fairies. However before we would play Lynx.

Soon one remembered: ' ' – Already we play this game. It is of pecinhas to place on of the figures iguais' '. . It had a little of difficulty in finding first pecinhas, but soon it entered in the rhythm. After the game I showed first history that we would go to work ' ' Vermelho&#039 small hat; '.

The child told that she does not have custom to hear and nor ' ' ler' ' histories. I started to count history, and. it only observed. I finished history and asked for that recounted it me. I begin. it was with much shame. But soon it caught the book, it started to see the figures and it counted to me: ' ' – This is the Small hat, the wolf ate vovozinha and had lived happy &#039 forever; '. . It developed some activities and we finish the session. In the second session. it arrived more livened up. ' ' Which the history of today? ' ' asked me. It said before starting first we will mount the break-head. . For having great difficulties in the footprint of ' ' pina' ' of enxergar delayed to mount such break-head. When it finished said me: ' ' – The Cebolinha&#039 Looks at; '. We keep the game. we initiate the session relembrando the history of ' ' Vermelho&#039 small hat; '. With the book in the hands.