The life of a loan sometimes seems that you live another's life, or at least smotirish at her side. What a strange feeling comes when you think that all of this with you already – this move, gesture and the same words. And you feel like an observer of events. So who are we, the rulers of their fate or blind artists of someone's will, or that … or what? Rarely meet a person, never experienced the magic of the prediction.

There are many theories that explain this phenomenon, claiming truth in the first instance, or simply a philosophical speculation on the subject. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. David Agard for a more varied view. But enough of the theory of 'experts'. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc shines more light on the discussion. It's there no matter what we think about it, if something lives parallel to our lives, like the first 'I', and we just echo it. Known to many forecasters, the prophecies buyout still surprises people's minds, ranging from biblical prophets to modern psychics. History does not stand still and filled with new sensations and never ceases to surprise a person's ability to look into the unknown.

And what to do with the foresight of their own destiny. Many famous personalities known either the exact date of his death or the circumstances of his death. So what ..? Try to 'live' only some of them. In January, 44g BC. er. during the reign of Julius Caesar in one of the tombs was found a plate with a prophecy: "When dig the grave of Capua, a branch of the Julian House will cut the hand of one of the relatives of his death but will soon be avenged terrible events in Italy 'Roman prophet Vestritsy Spurinna warned Julius Caesar to impending danger, taking this prophecy to his account.