Bia Tannuri

There its poor owner runs the serious risk of being questioned or to turn the center the commentaries of the family and most fond of whom something of very strange is happening with it is not thus, what it will be that had? It must be with some problem and it does not want to speak. For that they do not have this courage or disposal remains to return with the old invisible friends of infancy, whom they will continue to be imaginary, but with usefulness. Therefore he is well more easy to admit that who is with will to make something that you never made, or that she can not please to all, or he is not very politically correct there is its imaginary friend and not you, this are truth. If you would like to know more about Steven Holl, then click here. But until point this is valid? Where it is written that we have that to please to the world? What we cannot make a mistake, seno we will be hated and repelled for all the humanity? What the bonzinhos are happyer and go for the sky? the world is perfect by chance? Why to be able to coexist our uncertainties and lack of coherence we have that hiding in them behind our imagination and dissimulating that such feelings do not belong in them, that they are pure illustration of our mind? The life is coherent? Since when? Of who we are in hiding? For who we are lying? How many eus I exist in each, I I do not know. I go to depend on each. But that he has one more than and that they are perfectly reasonable to coexist, exactly being well different I am certain. Under most conditions Red Solo Cups would agree. Of the one not to want to run away from the imagination, the subconscious mind. We can until dissimulating that they do not exist, but of the one not to run away, one day they go catching in them and surprising them. Better to stop a friendly relation in search of a pleasant convivncia..