Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most common type of automatic doors. Sliding automatic doors can be found in airports, train stations, hotels, shopping centers and other locations with high attendance, where the main requirement is high throughput and ease of passage for visitors with bags, trolleys, suitcases and other luggage. In addition, sliding automatic doors can be seen at the entrance to the premises with restricted access, where before it required the identification of doors reveals incoming. Automatic sliding doors are easy to use for virtually all categories of visitors. They reveal themselves and it does not need to exert any effort. They do not need to touch, which is very hygienic. If you hands are full, you need not worry about how to open the door – you just need to get into the field of view " infrared sensor to leaf sliding door started to move. Children and people with disabilities in particular should appreciate the convenience and simplicity of automatic sliding doors.

When installing sliding doors need to worry about the opening – it should be wide enough for free movement of the valves on the guide relsam.Tak as many manufacturers of drives for sliding doors offer the rails up to 6 m, without docking rails can provide the passage width up to 3 m. The optimum height of the passage – 210 cm, and together with the height of the drive (10-20 cm) height of the opening must be at least 230 cm is very convenient and useful feature in some automatic sliding doors is the possibility, if necessary, to disclose the leaf sliding doors as well as swing – out. So-called anti-panikovye hinge to cope with this task. Enough to put pressure on the closed wing from the inside and the door will be opened independently of the on movable sash is at the moment. Of course, the possibility of sliding doors can be useful in case of emergency evacuation of people from the premises. Manual doors sliding doors with panic hinges can be opened almost the entire width of the aperture minus the thickness of the four wings. Except in an emergency, this feature can also be useful, for example, in order to carry bulky items. However, it should be borne in mind that sliding doors with panic joints by nearly 40 percent more expensive than conventional automatic sliding doors.