As Stop Drinking Coffee

Hello everyone, stop drinking coffee is one of those goals that I impose every year and which do not comply. The problem with caffeine is that it allows you to be alert, sharpens your senses, and enables a more structured work. I have no problems of insomnia, or central nervous system, such as tremors or something similar. Take coffee as life mod works with me, but I understand that many people have locks on their cognitive and creative side when subjected to more than two cups of coffee per day. My coffee addiction begins when he was a university student. He took coffee to keep me awake on those long nights of study. My MOM also me towards the coffee with milk or coffee latte to which we are accustomed today. My coffee routine is simple, but it has lasted for more than 15 years: a coffee before leaving the House, one mid-morning and one at 2-3 in the afternoon.

Weekends are basically coffee mornings and sometimes that took me one afternoon to exit to the porch and talk with my wife. How do I think the goal this time? Well, I was reviewing internet, and I found Steve Pavlina that talks about the shift towards the tea of herbs or you green, using among other caffeine-free herbal coffee. We are talking about basically a matter of self-discipline. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PI Industries. First is the part of the health, as you can see, the long-term consequences can be catastrophic. In that I’m currently focusing: I am 20 years suffering from any diseases and how bad that my relatives would feel the morochos, my wife and myself to see me in that State. I guess prostrate in a bed, with a grey face and little speaking, unable to coordinate prayers by the effects of caffeine. Of course, some may say that I am exaggerating but this is my reality.

My plan is basically as follows: in the morning: take my cup of coffee normal latte. In the midmorning: take a mixture of 50% coffee and 50% decaf. In the afternoon: take a mixture of 50% coffee and 50% decaf. I mix will prepare at home. With this I can assure that the coffee that I’m using is truly that I want. No traps! In addition I am using Splenda as a sweetener that’s why diet. I think follow this regimen for one month and analyze the results. Then go changing coffee in the afternoon for a tea on odd-numbered days (Monday – Friday mix of 50/50 and Thursday – Saturday the te). I’ve never been fond of tea, but you can override my caffeine levels needed to operate without the adverse conditions of the coffee. I hope to share with you my progress in perhaps the single evil habit that it is socially acceptable at global level.